About Us

trousseau: noun - the clothes, linen and other belongings collected by a bride to take to her new home.

We don’t have a trousseau in this sense anymore. When we talk about a trousseau these days we mean the clothes a woman has for her wedding night and honeymoon, not the belongings that she starts her journey from home with. But we still have to buy these things. I had to buy them when I set up my first home and I’ve been passionate about linen ever since.

After a full and rewarding career in the law, I felt the pull of my creative wings and realised that it was time to start making use of all the other skills I’ve developed over the years!

I’ve spent yonks trawling through antique markets, brocantes, car boot sales and second-hand shops looking for fine linen I can use or repurpose into something really useful. I have some amazing sheets, napkins and tea towels at home that were over 50 years old when I bought them and I’m still using them on a daily basis. I’ve also been sewing and dressmaking with linen for a number of years, so I’ve built up quite a store of knowledge and I want to share all of that with you.

I’m passionate about making my home as comfortable and as simple as I can, with classic design and functional pieces that won’t date or go out of fashion. I’m shopping for life, not just for a phase or a season. In the last few years we’ve been thinking increasingly about our footprint on the planet, both in terms of the cost of our modern lives and the cost of our choice of clothing and homewares. My mission is to make you think really carefully about what you’re buying. My simple philosophy is this;

Buy only what you need, or need to replace. Buy the best you can afford, in materials and finishes that will last. Buy the ethical choice, if you can find it. Buy what’s beautiful and what’s useful, but try to buy it only once.

Here at Home Trousseau I’ve brought together a collection of the finest, most hard-wearing linens I can find. I want to be able to offer you a collection of linen sourced from within the European Union, so that we know how the fabrics have been woven and the weavers have been treated. I also wanted to offer a choice that other purveyors don’t and so you’ll find that our linens come from some of the finest linen mills there are.

Above all, you’ll find that our products will stand the test of time and are ones that will grace your homes for years to come. I hope you find something you love.