Caring For Your Linen


All of our linen comes with care instructions, either on a separate information sheet or a care label, depending on the size of the item.

Our smaller items, such as flannels and napkins, have a logo label stitched into the seam and a postcard giving care instructions for that particular item. Please keep this safe and refer to it when washing and storing your linen.

Larger items such as towels and bed linen have a care label sewn into the seam which will give you basic care instructions, such as the best temperature to wash that particular item and what to do with it when washed.

Please always refer to those instructions and check here if you have any queries about storing your linens

Our linen is easy to look after.  Simply wash it by hand or machine in temperatures between 40-60 degrees, using a detergent specifically recommended for washing fabrics.  It can be air-dried on the line, indoors or out, or it can be tumbled dried for a softer more informal look. Take care not to distort the fabric when hanging large linens out on the line. Make sure to peg quite closely and to hang double. Linen fabric has a looser weave than cotton and has a tendency to move when wet. It will pull back into shape but it’s quite a job for one person.

If you prefer a crisp, formal look, iron your linen whilst slightly damp, before it’s fully dry.  Linen is naturally mildew resistant and anti-bacterial so a spritz of water, lavender if you like, and a quick smoothing hand will have it looking beautiful, as and when you are ready to use it.