Buying Guide - Table Linen


Here’s our guide to getting the best from your table linens  

Choosing Your Linen - What’s the Occasion?

What are you going to use your table cloths and napkins for? Will it be for everyday use or will it be for a more formal occasion? There are no rules but generally, the more formal the occasion, the finer the weave.

Exquisitely woven, patterned linen damask is always used for large, formal events such as weddings and banquets.

Our fine Irish linen napkins and table cloths, made to order in single damask, are just thing thing for a formal dinner party at home. The linen is beautifully crisp without being stuffy and with matching napkins, it provides that extra layer of elegance. Contact us for more details if you’d like something bespoke. We’re happy to make anything we can.

For everyday use, we prefer a plainer, more crumpled look in real life.  Our washed linen is perfect.  It can be ironed to a wonderful finish if you prefer, or simply folded away to be used when needed.  

Table Cloths

We like our table cloths to hang over the edge of all sides of the table.  The bigger the table, the more formal the event, the longer the overhang.  Have a look at your table, think about how you will use your linen and then choose the size accordingly.

For breakfast or lunch, cloths should hang over by about 10 -20 cms.  For supper, the cloth should hang over by 20-30 cms and for a formal dinner, 30-40cms.  



Napkins sizes have grown smaller over the years and are not standardised, but as a rough guide, informal, everyday napkins should be slightly smaller than those used for more formal occasions but there are no rules.  They should be large enough to feel luxurious but not too large as to be unweildy under the table.  Anything from 30cms square is fine.  Our napkins are a generous 51cm square.  

Keep a stack in one of the kitchen drawers and use them at every meal. If it’s just family, don’t bother trying to keep an eye on who has used which one. If you really want to, you can use a napkin ring to keep them separate, differently coloured for each member of the household. When guests come, pick clean ones and then just chuck them in the washing machine after use, smooth them out after drying and put them back in the drawer. What could be simpler than that?

All our table cloths and napkins have mitred corners so even when they’re used informally, they still look wonderful.

So, there you have it! A simple buying guide for table linens.