Linen Towels


Quality towelling has always been made from pure linen.  

Before the advent of cotton terrycloth in the 1930’s towels were woven from a textured linen, sometimes damask weave, crash or huckaback.  

Linen and cotton terry vied with each other for popularity in those early years but in modern households terry towelling seems to have won the day.  Huckaback towelling is now seen as rather thin for our colder climate and cotton terry is, obviously, much, much cheaper.

Here at Home Trousseau we want to change all that! Our modern alternative to the traditional huckaback is a linen waffle towel.

Why Linen Waffle?

Linen waffle towels are wonderfully durable. They’re super absorbent, much more absorbent than cotton terry, they’re fast drying and because of their natural anti-bacterial properties, they never get smelly, even if they don't make it back onto the towel rail (we’re looking at you kids!).  

They don’t yellow or turn grey over time, unlike white towels, and they can take a really strong laundering.  They bleach naturally if you hang them out to dry in the sunshine, they’re cool to the touch and don’t take up as much space in the linen cupboard as terry towelling. They fold down to a third of the size of a terry towel, perfect where space is at a premium.

Linen waffle towels are also perfect for pet owners. Dogs and cats can be pesky to rub down when they’re wet, when they’ve just come in from a walk or when they’ve just had a bath. A super absorbent linen waffle towel will save those valuable seconds between wet pet and wet everything else! 

Our waffle towels come in two thicknesses and two sizes and there really is nothing like them.  Bath towels are 100cm x 140cm, big enough for the largest member of the household, and our hand towels are a generous 70cm x 50cm, which can be used in the bathroom or kitchen and are the perfect size for pets.

You can choose our cosy, thick and absorbent waffle weave or a less bulky weave which still super absorbent but much thinner.

We like to swap our towels over in spring and autumn.  In the summer we want something lighter and cooler so we choose the thinner, smaller waffle but in the winter months we want a thicker, cosier towel to envelop us in warmth and comfort. We usually do a swap in June and the end of September, depending on the warmth at the time. 

We still have some traditional Irish linen huckaback towels in the linen cupboard, both vintage and new, and while we love the coolness of huckaback in the very hot summer months,  on the whole we prefer the versatility of our linen waffle.  We hope you love them as much as we do.