Free (and easy) Decorations

Home Trousseau Christmas House Bird

Do you remember the days when tinsel was everywhere and Christmas was just a glitter fest? I used to go all out with my decorations, adding to my stash every year with one or two special ones and try and colour co-ordinate everything.  It was a mess and it cost a fortune!

These days, since paring down my home, I try and use just one or two decorations that hold real memories. I use the lights I already have and I bring some natural foliage into the house.  Here are are some of the ways I’ve found to use what’s out there and things I already have, but still in keeping with a simple theme.  This isn’t pinterest-worthy styling, just some rough and ready realness!


Go out into the woods or a park near you and see if there aren’t any branches on the ground.  What you’re looking for is a central branch with three or four smaller branches, and a bendy wood, like Birch or willow.  About three feet long should do it.  Bring it home and put it in the tallest jug or vase you have, in the centre of the kitchen island, if there is one, on a large windowsill or on the centre of a table.  if you’re lucky enough to get a branch with buds on it, they’ll start to open once the branch is indoors. I found the one in the photo above from a hedgerow and then tied a little ribbon around my House Bird to anchor the red theme.

Home Trousseau Christmas Posy


Take a walk around where you live and see if you can’t gather together enough greenery to make some small posies.  Anything with berries, holly, bits of pine.  I like to tie mine with any ribbon or twine I have around the house and put them in whichever vases look nice.  I put them all around the house or hang them from spare hook.

Home trousseau Christmas Flowers

Tiny Vases

This is a bit of a cheat but sometimes I buy a supermarket bunch and split it up into really small bunches, just right for a tiny vase or two. What can sometimes look too much in a large bunch can look really pretty in a very small vase.


Aside from the very expensive scented variety I love to have at Christmas (PerfumerH are my favourite) gather together some old mugs, some tall candles, some moss from the woods and a few different types of nuts. Fill the bottom of the mugs with sand or soil, put the candle in and more  soil to keep the candle stable, add the moss and lay the nuts on top.  These make lovely, simple centrepieces.

A couple of years ago I made a book-tree.  Have a look at the ideas on our Pinterest board. Get as many books out as you want to, start laying them out in a circle, flat.  Just go round and round building them up working towards the centre until you have a pyramid.  Drape it in lights and there you have it!