Spring Switchover


Do you do a spring switchover?

When spring has truly sprung we have an urge to create that feeling of renewal, of life bursting through our homes just as nature does in the wild.

Marie Kondo champions the process of thanking your home for the shelter and peace it gives you, and as we go from the depths of winter to the new beginnings of spring, a spring stitchover is what creates and renews that emotional connection to our homes.

There are some incredible resources out there for spring cleaning lists. There are huge long ones for every room in the house but aren’t they exhausting? Who has time for all that? For us, a spring switchover is all about replacing winter with spring and summer. We go from room to room, renewing where we need it, cleaning and putting away things we don’t need in the summer months and replacing them with things to lighten the mood.

Here’s what we do!

  • We put away heavy textures and fabrics in favour of lighter linens, cottons and seersuckers. We like to swap our curtains for lighter, more sheer fabric and put different covers on our cushions. If you use cotton bedding, replace it with pure linen, which is perfect for warmer nights.

  • We put fresh, lightweight throws on the bed and over sofas and chairs in place of the heavy comforters and throws we like in autumn and winter.

  • We use paler-coloured linens on the table. We use more Sky Blue and White than Charcoal in the spring and summer months to lighten the feel of the table. For more inspiration take a look at the amazing table-scapes Serena Fresson creates over on Instagram.

  • We play with glass and pretty pale colours for a lighter touch to objects around the house. We love pretty cut glass and we’re always on the lookout in flea markets and boot sales for old celery glasses and milk bottles to fill with daffs. Take a look at the beautiful tactile ceramics by makers such as Tracy Dixon and Jono Smart for contemporary take on paler colours.

  • Make simpler recipes with spring produce. Nutritionist Amelia Freer has a new post dedicated to spring recipes which you can find here. We love her take on healthy food. Anna Jones is always a good resource for the vegetarian recipes we crave after the heavy meat-based dishes of winter. We have two of her books, A Modern Way to Eat and it’s follow up, A Modern Way to Cook. The River Cafe cook books are still a staple for fast, beautifully tasting meals, even better if you can get to the restaurrant for lunch or supper. If you’re in London their food is still the best in town, closely followed by the appropriately named Spring at Somerset House.

Here’s hoping for some warm spring weather and some time to get outdoors to enjoy it!

The River Cafe cook books are still a staple for fast, beautifully tasting meals.