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I made these twiggy stars last Christmas and I liked them so much, I kept them up in my hallway all year.  Super-easy to make once you get the hang of the twigs, here’s what you need;

An assortment of twigs, leaves and large knots removed

A pair of scissors

Some twine or string

That’s it!


Have a look at this picture tutorial on Pinterest and then follow along here. The aim is a five-pointed star but the trick is to arrange the twigs so that they all overlap in the right way.

Decide roughly how big you want your stars to be and then cut the twigs into five equal lengths, the length being equal to the diameter of the finished star.

Lay twig one over twig two and using a bit of twine, bind the two together, a few centimetres from the end.  Have a look at the photo above and see how the twigs line up.

Lay the end of twig three under the top of twig two and bind those two, a few centimetres from the end.

Lay the end of twig four on top of the bottom of twig three and bind as before.  Lay the bottom of twig five over the bottom of twig four, bind and lay the top of twig five under the top of twig one, bind that and hey presto!  You have yourself a twig star.

if you want to go all out you could wind some sparkly lights around it, spray it with some glitter or really live on the edge and use a coloured twine!

Lovely, natural decorations that don’t cost any more than a little time and a bit of string.