Linen Flannels

Linen Flannels

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Linen is an age-old fabric that’s been used by generations of women to absorb dirt and make-up and gently lift off the remains of the day, leaving skin purely and simply cleansed of everything but what it needs.

Apply your chosen cleanser to dry or damp skin and cleanse with a hand-hot, damp flannel. Rinse well and repeat for a second cleanse in the evening if you like. Rinse the flannel well and let it air dry. Linen is naturally anti-bacterial so it won’t harbour any nasties as it dries.

These wonderful flannels are available in both our towelling weights, fine or medium, singly or in packs of three or six, depending on how often you get to the washing machine!

Snow White fine linen 205 g/m2

White medium linen 390 g/m2

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